Sandy River Customs is a Sole Proprietorship owned and operated by (1) Creative Designer Michael Guadarrama. Sandy River Customs (SRC) offers remote graphic design services to individuals across the country. SRC was created to give all its inquirers the opportunity to receive a Professional Creative Design at a Low Level Cost.

What are the average cost of Graphic Design services?
  • The hourly rate charged by graphic designers ranges from $20-$350, but averages $65-$75 an hour nationwide, according to a survey by HOW magazine[1] . The hourly rate is generally based on prevailing local costs as well as the designer’s training, experience and reputation. Standard or simple projects might be billed at a flat rate, but most quotes are based on an estimate of the time involved multiplied by the designer’s hourly rate. Designing a logo to symbolically represent your company starts around $150-$450 for an online graphic design service using standardized templates. This sort of design is customized only in the sense that a pre-existing format is adapted for your specific business, but it is a good deal cheaper than a design concept created from scratch for your company. Hiring a professional graphic designer or firm to create a company logo runs anywhere from $500-$2,000 or more depending on the number of initial concepts presented for review, the number of revisions, and the experience and reputation of the designer or firm. Some high-end design firms will charge $2,000-$5,000 or more to design a logo.


  • Designing business stationery from templates runs about $150-$250, and may be included in the higher-priced logo design fees.


  • Designing an 8-1/2×11 folding brochure is $30-$450 for a customizing a standard template; hiring a graphic designer or a firm to create a similar brochure can run $300-$600 or more depending on the complexity of the project, the number of colors and revisions, local rates and the designer or firm’s experience and reputation.
How does SRC make a profit from charging so little?

Sandy River Customs is operated by a graphic designer that has had 10 years of graphic design experience and over 15 years of multi media experience. This gives the artist the mental strength to conjure ideas almost immediately and produce them as fast as they are imagined.

Some costs are based on the amount of time the designer believes will take to create the work. If the client requires more time, the quote may increase.

Are the quotes fixed?

No, actually most prices quoted remain the same unless the client requests more edits or samples.

Whats the difference between SRC AND SRC GOLD?
Src provides a reliable service to customers with minimal budget. SRC CLIENTS receive a limited amount of revisions and samples within their budget. Upon project completion the client only receives the rights of the final product. The starting price of SRC is $15.


Src gold gives its clients unlimited revisions, unlimited samples and they receive all materials used to create their project, sketches and more. They also receive the rights of all materials created. The starting price of SRC GOLD is $200.
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