WELCOME, IF YOU are here it is because you are designer looking for work! Before picking and submitting a project you need to understand the terms of business.

If you decide to take on a project, it is at YOUR COST, if the client does not like OR approve of your work, you will not be paid. DESIGNERS WILL ONLY BE PAID FOR WORK THAT IS APPROVED. SANDY RIVER CUSTOMS WILL RECIEVE 10%-20% profits gain from any project. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR SAMPLE (WITH NO WATERMARKS) BELOW OR EMAIL DIRECTLY TO ALIVIXI@SANDYRIVERCUSTOMS.COM

Sandy river customs is constantly hired to work on graphic design projects from east to west coast. Consultation and project management will be conducted by michael guadarrama owner of sandy river customs llc.




I want you to spell out the word “FAITH” I want the letter “A” to be made by two fishes. I want the letter “I” to be made by 3 loaves of bread. I want the letter “T” to be made by 2 loaves of bread. I submitted a drawing of how i want it to look…Feel free to add your own ideas to the design.

PROJECT 2 : Personal Care Home

$100 LOGO

Where it says: Senior CorpsMy design will say: Personal Care Home
Where it says: RSVP
My design will say: Ethics Comittee
Where that little flag type thing is
Can you put a small pennsylania state with the letters PA in the center

PROJECT 3 : Gorilla Line Work


I was wondering if you would be interested in doing similar linework to the lion in the photo attatched however make it a gorilla…. Doesn’t need to match the other action series gorilla we’ve done.
This will be our main insignia for the company….I really like look, colors and facial expression on the lion attatched.
I think it would look awesome on black apparel and merchandise. Will need to pop on a black bag and shirt….really draw the eye….feel free to play with colors how you feel.
I want a faded one like the pic but will also want multiple colors,  white, grey, red, black etc.

PROJECT 4: St. Patty's Day


  • I need you to draw a drunk leprechaun with x’s as eyes and the green hat sort of tilted to the left. I’ve attached a picture below to show you an example. It’s the one with the single image and the hat tilted not smashed. I’ve named the picture ‘Leprechaun Tilt’. It’s basically what I want but can you make it look better? I don’t want you to trace it, and I want you to draw something of your own but I like the idea. I want an arm coming out on the left side of the leprechaun character holding a beer mug that says “Pour Me A Double”. You can use the mug and arm on the existing artwork. I also want a better looking beard on the leprechaun. 
  • The second image I want drawn is a four leaf clover with arms and legs. Remember how you made a drawing of a heart with legs and arms holding a beer mug? I want the same thing but with a four leaf clover character with arms and legs, holding out a beer mug. 
  • Finally I want 6 items drawn. I’ve attached an image showing some examples and I’ve named that image ‘pattern images’. Here is what I need: First is a new four leaf clover like in the image, but new and better. Not traced. Second is I need a new black kettle with beer and a rainbow. I don’t like how the cloud looks in the image and want a better looking cloud. I want golden beer cans in the kettle with some smashed outside of the kettle. Third is a new drunk leprechaun drawn in your style. Fourth is a new beer mug like in the image but make it in your style not traced. I like how the hand is holding it up, but I want more foam. Fifth image I want to have a golden horseshoe drawn but it will be upside down. I want a string tied to the bottom of the horse shoe and have a golden beer can dangling from it. I want the words ‘Beer’ from top to bottom on the can. Finally I want a golden coin drawn that is stamped. The impression on the coin will be in the center. I want a beer can or a beer mug stamped onto the coin, and I want the verbiage on the edge of the coin on top to say ‘Beer Money’ and on the bottom ‘2020’. 


PROJECT 5: Park N' Go


This is an on going clients that own’s multiple parking garages in NYC. If you choose to take this work, you will be contact periodically for updates. Sandy River Customs has all source files to work on these projects.

PROJECT 6: Freelance Writing

$200 LOGO

Visual, Colors, Audience?: Light colors Project Goal: My project goal is to create a logo for my future freelance website. My goal is to be in the beauty and fashion freelance writing world . I want something feminine and airy yet assertive .


$100 LOGO

Please take the design in this project and vector and refine in illustrator.



Please take the design in this project and EDIT it to say “BARS FOR DUMMIEZ”