On June 17, 1989 in the town of Ponce, Puerto Rico – Michael John Guadarrama was born. At an early age he knew being creative and resourceful was his calling. The many years Michael’s youth and early adulthood practicing art led him to focus on creativity indefinitely. Through this journey, Michael has realized the important of community and one’s involvement with it. From East to West coast Michael has provided a creative to services to many individual communities and now as he wants to share his legacy and encourage others to aid their community by use of talent/skill.
In 2010 I created a brand around a philosophy. The philosophy was clear and simple, today I write my future’s past. Let me write my life’s story consciously. Let me look at action with new eyes and find the best possible solution for all my problems. ALIVIXI was born from a mind that takes critical thinking seriously. When I produce art, I do it with intent. I don’t produce art for art sake – these days with all the chaos in the world it’s hard to use this tool in vein. Instead, I find fun ways to incorporate messaging into all the cartoons and graphic art I create. The messages at times can be morbid and hard to think about – other messages are incredibly playful and sometimes ignorant. My goal with ALIVIXI is to point the finger at humanity and display the current realities and legacies in a morbid comedic way.