During the Winter of 2008, Alivixi™ became employed at a Motion Graphic Design agency named Alien Kung Fu. This agency paid for food and agreed to train Alivixi™ on motion graphic software. Alivixi™ built trust within the agency and was granted full access to the studio. One night Alivixi™ received a called from his producer, Brandon Litman, and was asked to not return to reatail (Alivixi™ was 19 years old), two weeks later Alivixi™ quit Oakley and Jamba Juice (SoHo) and began a career as a graphic illustrator.

Six months into his career, Alien Kung Fu competed against several studios for an opportunity to create custom art for the 2009 BET Awards Show. The art would include logos, backdrops, bus advertisements, billboards, TV commercials and so much more. Day and night Alivixi™ worked relentlessly on creating custom art for this pitch. Two days after the pitch they received approval to continue with the job. Alivixi™ became lead graphic illustrator and was responsible for illustrating Jamie Foxx, T-Payne, Lil Wayne, Beyoncé, Neyo, Kanye West, Ciara and Mary J. Blige and every graphic asset required for advertisement.